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Please Log your EmpXtrack related Issues using any of the following:
  1. MYPAL/RRC: Connect to Intranet and report your issue through MYPAL/RRC(Rapid Resolution Centre) to helpdesk created for HR-Portal:
    1. HR-Portal - Technical Support
    2. HR-Portal - Login Issues
    3. Leave
    4. Travel - Policy Related
    5. Travel - Advanced Related
    6. Travel - Ticket not Rcd within TAT
    7. Expense - All Types
    8. Appraisal Process/Letter
    9. Confirmation Process
    10. Goal Sheet
  2. Intercom: Head Office users can call on Intercom No : 3407 and 3668 to get a call registered.
  3. Following numbers are available for registering the calls:
    1. 0120-4203166 (Hunting Number for 5 lines)
  4. You may send the issue details via email to : along with your contact numbers and location.
Your Login Name would be own Employee Code.
  1. Initial Password will be released to you by the Admin of the Site .
  2. For security, You are requested to change your password.
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